My Shape Of Things To Come

By | April 4, 2008

Empty stands in GM PlaceThe Canucks playoffs hopes are now over. Edmonton played spoilers last night and gave Vancouver the privilege of playing golf early this year. It was a difficult game to watch, especially when Edmonton gained the lead and did not show any sign of weakness until the late stages of the third period.

It always hurts when your team is knocked out of the playoffs but to not even have a chance is worse. I will do what I usually do when Vancouver exits the playoffs and ignore who is playing who and how teams are doing. Once the final rounds begin I will do something I haven’t done in a long time, I will be cheering for an Eastern Conference team to win the Cup.

At least my NHL 08 Dynasty has won a Cup, I will live vicariously through that as I go through the grieving process. It is going to be a really long off season with a lot of questions and possibly some player moves with the promise of getting some scoring.

NBC logoNBC announced its fall/winter schedule on Wednesday, much earlier than usual and sooner than other networks make their upcoming season public. A lot of shows were in the mix but the line that stood out for me was the fate of ER.

Among the critically hailed series returning to the NBC schedule next season will be “ER,” the most-nominated series in Emmy Award history, returning for its 15th and final season. link

There was speculation that this current season of ER was going to be the last but I suspect the WGA strike may have put a dent in those plans. I am looking forward to getting more ER but with a properly scripted final season it may be able to leave on a high note and tie everything together.

In other news, April 4 only recently meant something to me but I have been looking forward to tonight for a few months. Truth be told my several month wait is minor in comparison to those who have been waiting over a year but I have paid my dues with suffering through hiatuses of other shows I watch religiously (I’m looking at you Lost).

Battlestar Galactica 75 LogoTonight is the beginning of the end for Battlestar Galactica and I am part excited and sad. I have only been a fan of the show for five months but in that time I have nearly watched the series twice, talk about it to whoever I can, wherever I can and have joined the online army of fans who support the show. Tonight will be bittersweet but it is going to be brilliant, so say we all.

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