My Yellow Sandwich

By | April 8, 2008

Livestrong BraceletIn the middle of 2004 I read an article about Bono promoting Lance Armstrong’s Foundation with the Livestrong bracelets. The bracelets came in a box of ten and even if I was only going to use one I felt this was a good cause to support.

This was months before the bracelet craze took off but there was enough interest in these bracelets (Tour de France, Armstrong and celebrity publicity) that my order was delayed for several months. It had gotten to a point where I never thought they would arrive, but in either August or September 2004 the box arrived at my door.

I wore the bracelet every day for three and a half years. Yesterday the bracelet snapped in half and joined the other bracelet that snapped years ago. The bracelet became more than a symbol; it was just something I always wore. The people I worked with at Dell and currently at Statusfirm have always known me with the bracelet.

It is odd to think such a small accessory has been with me for that long and it got to a point where it was hardly noticeable. Now I find myself looking down at my wrist and seeing the faint tan outline the bracelet left. I had plans of removing the bracelet before the wedding but it looks like I was not the only one who had that in mind.

Safeway Lumberjack

Anyone who has seen my lunch, or my Project 365 will know that Safeway Lumberjack sandwiches are cut up, wrapped, put in the freezer and last me for the entire week of lunches. Not only are they pivotal in the ease of constructing a lunch, they are pretty tasty.

I went to Safeway yesterday to pick up my Lumberjack and was greeted with horror. The Lumberjacks were in a different package and were pre-cut diagonally in quarters! I looked around, made sure I was in the right area and saw that the entire Lumberjack section had undergone this treatment.

Fortunately I only needed four pieces for the remainder of my lunches but what am I to do next week? The obvious answer is to get one made at the deli but is there a Lumberjack memo floating around Safeway headquarters designed to plot against my delicious and cheap meal idea?

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