My Nut Ranch

By | January 7, 2009

I want you to close your eyes and imagine a place of happiness. Picture this place just off the Pacific coast. It is nestled in the rolling hills of the country side, surrounded by green and lush vegetation. It is always the right temperature and never too cold.

You are close enough to civilization that you are not isolated from the world but you have your own utopia there. You can live here forever and never leave, that is the kind of comfort this little slice of paradise offers. Although you begin to notice some familiar faces around this world of yours.

At first you don’t mind, but after a while these tourists become more common and they begin to irritate you in ways only a family member knows how. Suddenly you are awoken from your daydream and realize that everyone there was related to you. You were at Gursky Ranch!

Gursky Ranch

Jenna came across this site yesterday and I was as shocked as she was. I am not sure when I will be in California but if I am ever close to San Fransisco I will be making a trip out to see this ranch.

Maybe this is where all Gursky’s meet to discuss politics, sports and world domination and I have been missing out on it? Then our family portrait is taken by Andreas Gursky and we all sit around a quiet lake and watch the sun set.

The Gursky family has been involved in agriculture for three generations. My grandfather, Nathan, and my dad, Ephraim, formed the original “Gursky and Son”…

This was almost as much of a surprise as finding Gursky Ranch in the first place. You will recall that one of my drinking birds was named Ephraim. Was this purely a coincidence, a subconscious acknowledgment of my family heritage or something else?

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