My Max Repeat

By | January 27, 2009

Nearly six months to the day I saw The Dark Knight in IMAX again. Since last July I have also seen The Dark Knight in a regular theater and twice from the comfort of my living room, and one of those was on Blu-Ray. Yet nothing can beat the feeling of seeing it on the six story high screen, even for a second time.

The Dark Knight IMAX Edmonton

While watching it yesterday I had a realization that made me a little sad. During the scene where Harvey Dent is being transported by the GCPD and Joker and his “Slaughter House” truck track him down, I realized that this may be the last time I see this in IMAX. No matter what home theater I possess, my favorite scene in the movie would never be presented as beautifully I was witnessing then.

For the movie to get a second engagement in theaters is special but I don’t think this is something they would do again and it made me savor the remainder of the movie that much more. Because I was given another chance to see The Dark Knight how it was truly meant to be see I urge anyone who liked this movie enough to buy it, or had heard about it but never made it out to a theater, to see this before it rides off IMAX and into the darkened streets of Gotham City for good.

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