My Five Nails

By | January 28, 2009

Edmonton - Revelstoke DriveThis past weekend I joined Gord, Andrea and Jaymie on a Backside Tours trip to Revelstoke. This was my first time on skis since March 2007, as I missed last season due to my broken ankle. There was also the concern about bruising my toes, but I was confident that my new boots would solve the problem.

I don’t know what it is between putting on boots at a ski hill or at the store in Edmonton, but the moment the foot went into the boot I instantly felt pressure on the nails. No matter, I came here to ski and was determined to not let a little pain bother me.

Revelstoke is a fairly new resort and it seems we went there at the worst time because there hadn’t been snow in over 11 days and there were a few mechanical issues with their gondolas. There are only three lifts that cover the entire mountain but there was enough variety to challenge yourself.

When Gord and Jaymie skied together Andrea and I did some hiking to access the back side of the mountain. The snow was better here and the challenge increased. I could feel the pain in my toes increasing as we navigated our way through some impressive terrain. By 1PM I was spent for the day and my feet were sore so I hung out in the chalet and tried not to think about what was happening under my boot.

Bruised Toe 2009

When we got to the hotel room on Saturday I was not surprised to see that both of my big toes were black, hello subungual hematoma! Black toe’s are something I have become quite familiar with, and on Saturday night I administered an emergency bathroom surgery with a safety pin and a lighter reliving most of the pressure under the nail. There was still a lingering throbbing pain but it was better than the alternative.

I need to create a medical category for my blog posts for the times that I damage myself bad enough that the effects last a whole calendar year.

Needless to say my Sunday of skiing was going to be very relaxed. I brought out my camera to document the hill and did two runs that covered most of the mountains vertical climb before retiring to the comfort, and warmth, of the chalet.

I will see about returning my recently bought pair of boots, but regardless I think it I have learned my multiple lessons and will be purchasing a higher quality boot that is properly fitted by someone who knows such things.

And so this concluded another ski trip which ended the same way it has for the last few years, with a limp and promise to not let it happen again.

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