My Pursuit of Happiness

By | January 30, 2009

In light of the world downturn, layoffs locally and abroad, you can’t help but wonder what life beyond your current situation would be like. For the last week I have been thinking about a quote from one of my favorite movies, Vanilla Sky.

Julie Gianni: What is happiness to you, David?

The question is simple enough but to answer it honestly requires some thought and personal insight. I know what I enjoy doing with my time but is any of that able to sustain me and grow into a career? I have taken that thought one step further and wondered what would make me utterly happy in a career. What is my perfect career?

Love Growth Cash TriangleWhat would offer me growth, happiness and money? Unless you are an entrepreneur or self employed and in control of every aspect of your job can you expect to obtain all three?

Should you just be content getting by with what you have, enjoying what your current job affords you or do you sacrifice a piece of the triangle for the other pieces of the pie? Obviously growth and enjoyment outweigh money, but overall happiness has to play into the delicate work-life balance.

At the age of 26 I thought I would be able to answer such questions easily but the truth is I don’t know. The fact that I am unable to answer this makes me wonder if I am apathetic toward the whole thing, and if I am just floating through life, which is a concerning and scary thought.

And still it all comes back to: What is happiness to me?

One thought on “My Pursuit of Happiness

  1. Nick1254367

    Interesting thoughts! By asking “what is happiness” you ask a very good question. Recently I had my own shot at defining happiness, which aims to be more “scientific” and “objective” (as much as this is possible for a subjective feeling such as happiness): “A person can be considered to have experienced a “happy” moment if the person chooses to re-live it as an end in itself if offered at no cost.”
    For the detailed derivation of this conclusion please have a look at What is happiness? ; What do you think about this definition?
    Thank you, Nick

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