Birthday Post

By | October 29, 2005

Nothing like celebrating your birthday with a post on the Internet huh? I am still feeling pretty sick, although I feel better than I did on Thursday. But with three concerts this weekend I don’t imagine I will be feeling much better when it’s all said and done.

Matthew Good - October 29

Tonight marks the first of four concerts in a week starting with Matthew Good. This will be my fourteenth time seeing Matthew Good perform and each show always has something different. Based on how the shows looked on the eastern dates I think I’m in for a treat this weekend.

Alright e-kids, here is an important reminder. If someone asks you to buy them tickets for a concert, remember to do so, otherwise you may find yourself in the same situation I did a few hours ago on the phone with Wendy”

Wendy: So Gursk, how much do I owe you for the tickets?
Sean: Tickets?
Wendy: Yeah, didn’t you buy me tickets?
Sean: No, I thought you were going to.

And this carried on for a few more moments until we realized that neither of us were joking. The show tonight (and tomorrow) is sold out but I checked Ticketmaster anyway, and just as I thought: Sold out.

Knowing Ticketmaster’s weak point I checked again twenty minutes later and found myself one ticket for a sold out show. I quickly placed another order (total of five for tonight) and just returned from Leduc with what is probably one of the last tickets to be sold for tonight. Again, write important information down, otherwise you could forget someone or something.

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