Best To Squeal For Daddy

By | October 31, 2005

In one word: Wow! Although no amount of words can describe how amazing last night was. Of the fifteen times I have gone to his show, this was a second best – and a very close second to the ’99 Pepsi Taste Tour show that still holds the number one title. Everything about last night was perfect and was all I could have hoped for. The setlist was long and had a lot of variety and the setlist that existed was adjusted in a few places to have an acoustic encore of Prime Time Deliverance, Tripoli, Apparitions and closing on Generation X-Wing.

And Wendy was able to get into the show thanks to Stephanie’s friend who was not going, brought us her ticket while we were in line which made everything better. So while I may not have beat Ticketmaster for both shows, I was able to get a ticket for each sold out night so now I won’t receive a lump of coal for Christmas from Wendy.

Matthew Good - October 31

What will tonight hold? After last nights performance it will be difficult to compete but with it being Hallowe’en I am sure we are all in for a treat. On my ticket pictured above take a look at the red box. Yes, the show is general admission, but I am GA0 – 1, this means I was the first person to order tickets for this show. I think that’s a good sign right there.

Matthew Good - October 30
The joy of it all huh? Here is a sample from last night, this time it is Tripoli. The second acoustic song in the encore and was everything I could have hoped for. In fact, it was four years ago yesterday that Audio of Being was released so I think it’s fitting I use a song from that LP as an example. As it was yesterday, be bandwidth friendly and
Right Click > Save As for the song. Enjoy!

Edit: Audio removed after WordPress 2.0 upgrade and /Downloads folder was not archived.

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