Blinders For Your Beast of Burden

By | November 1, 2005

And when the dust settled it was all over. The three night stand of Matthew Good has come and gone and it was well worth it. It was a great time and last nights show rocked really hard. It was nothing compared to the Sunday show but was all around awesome. Put Out Your Lights and Poor Mans Grey made it into the setlist, and Matt also played around with songs as Buffalo Seven was to be played but was replaced by Alert Status Red. A tough call because Alert Status Red is one of my favorite live songs but Buffalo Seven has such an addictive riff and with it rarely played makes it that much better. At least we were able to hear it played for the Rogers Wireless people Sunday evening, even if we were outside.

Also, waiting in line with the usual suspects of Chad and Chelsey made the three nights more enjoyable too. Knowing that there are others out there as equally as passionate about the same thing you are is a great feeling. You get into such a routine that I feel like I should be getting ready to head out again in three hours.

The week of rock is not over though as I still have Anti-Flag and Bad Religion on Friday night. Between now and then I may start working at Statusfirm or I could have a few more days off to enjoy the November weather.

What’s this, another song sample? You bet! This time it’s from the second last song of the night with Alert Status Red. Enjoy and rock out safely when you Right Click > Save As.

Edit: Audio removed after WordPress 2.0 upgrade and /Downloads folder was not archived.

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