Job Marathon – Day Five

By | October 21, 2005

Not sure I can consider today a marathon, but it is finally Friday so that has to count for something. I guess I am on day seven of twelve in a row, so halfway there and will have a day off soon enough (my birthday and three concerts). I was able to sleep for, get this, ten hours last night. And I plan on doing the same again tonight when I return from Statusfirm. There was no picture this morning, didn’t think it would be fair since I was able to get sleep and didn’t have to rush out of bed. With the last three pictures all online you can see the progression of joy in my face when the alarm went off.

In other news, I got rid of the Validate XHTML and CSS link under Meta to the right. It may have been an IE issue not displaying them, but I thought it for the best to remove completely. When I did validate both the XHTML and CSS there were a few errors on my list items and centering of graphics, so made the choice easier to clean up that sidebar.

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