Job Marathon – Day Four

By | October 20, 2005

This is the home stretch. I have two full days with Statusfirm, and tonight I can sleep in! Not sure how much sleep I will get as I have to be back here for 8AM again tomorrow, but if I get to bed early enough I should be able to pull 8-9 hours of sleep.

Not really much to report, I have been productive throughout the day but with just over an hour left I’m starting to feel the burn. Being on the west end I’m concerned about the traffic volume, so I may just take 170th street all the way south and see where it takes me. Don’t worry, if I pass Ponoka or Rimby I will turn around.

Thanks to the powers of Google Map and Mapquest I didn’t take 170th Street south, Mapquest said it would be a 66 minute drive whereas doing Whitemud/Hwy2 was only 50. And Mapquest was right, it took me 50 minutes exactly to get home.

Running Total (Four Days):
Sleep: 21 hours
Tim Hortons: 3 coffees, 1 Iced Cap

I took another picture this morning, but won’t have a chance to upload it until later. It’s probably for the best because I wasn’t looking too good.

Good morning!

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