Job Marathon – Day Three

By | October 19, 2005

I am into the final stretch now. Today is my last day at Dell and then I have Thursday and Friday at Statusfirm, and then back at Dell for the weekend. I am leaning towards staying with Statusfirm so at Dell today I will have to do more research and plan my exit. My birthday is coming up next week so might be a good gift to me, right? I will continue to update more throughout the day, as I have fifteen hours left of work.

I have been staying at Jenna’s for this marathon, and while the pillows may not be up to fluffy standards, I would take a cardboard box for a pillow because I’m so tired when I get there. The drive to her place saves me about 45 minutes of driving each day so that is definitely helping me through this.

With three hours left in my day I feel pretty good, almost like I can make it through. My body took a beating on the first day but seems to have adjusted, or am setting myself up for a No Video/No Post error in a few days. Okay, that was a poorly placed computer joke, and tomorrow I may not even find that amusing.

Running Total (Three Days):
Sleep: 15 1/2 hours
Tim Hortons: 3 coffees, 1 Iced Cap

Looking at this picture pains me. No one looks good in the morning, but I think it is summed up nicely in this shot. And this was the better picture of the two I took”

Good morning!

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