Job Marathon – Day Two

By | October 18, 2005

“I feel terrible” – Han Solo (Episode V)

Writing this early in the morning so my mood can change but I feel like I am off to a better start today. There is also sixteen hours until I’m done for the day as well. Although now I am left with only the difficult parts of my task at Statusfirm.

Well, this is a journal in progress as I am now at Dell. My time at Statusfirm was spent researching for several hours and then attempting to use that for my code. I didn’t feel as productive today as I was yesterday, and I don’t like leaving a coding project with an error on it either. So tomorrow I will have my work cut out for me as soon as I come in.

Six hours left at Dell and I am still in one piece, haven’t had my “crash”, but I will be going for coffee in over an hour so that should help my cause. *Update* In an hour I will be in bed and then running the marathon again. Perhaps the body was used to two back-to-back days, the third will be critical. I thought about calling sick to Dell tomorrow in order to get a long sleep one day early; but I will tough it out and have a great sleep on Thursday and Friday.

Running Total (Two Days):
Sleep: 10 1/2 hours
Tim Hortons: 2 coffees, 1 Iced Cap

As an added bonus I took a picture of myself shortly after the alarm went off, here is “Sean: In all his glory” expect more as the week progresses.

Good morning!

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