Job Marathon – Day One

By | October 17, 2005

This is how it feels to be run over by a car and left on the street in the hot sun. Well, maybe not like that, but I feel pretty beat up right about now. 6 AM came very quick this morning. The alarm choice wasn’t an easy listening music station, but the annoying bell/tone that terrifies even the strongest men.

Each day I go into Statusfirm I will continue to look worse, a whole week of it, in the end I will appear to be a zombie. I was doing great until I got to Dell, and around 3:30 PM I started on the slide I’ve been on for the last few hours. Fortunately Tim Hortons is only a ten minute round trip so I have a second wind now.

While I am only one day into this I have a lot of respect for people who work two jobs, even if they do it on their weekends or days off. I am looking at twelve-straight days and will be with the walking wounded when I reach the end. I still have four hours at Dell and work at Statusfirm in less than twelve – this is a day I wish I couldn’t do simple math then at least I could lie to myself that I have plenty of time.

Running Total (One Day):
Sleep: 4 3/4 hours
Tim Hortons: 1 coffee, 1 Iced Cap

In other news, my web server seems to have problems with uptime. The last three days there have been times I went to the page and nothing came up. So if you encounter any “Page cannot be displayed”, just blame it on that and not me breaking code. As well, it appears as though there are a few dead images for links under the “Meta” section over to the right. I believe this is just an IE issue, as it works in Firefox. When I come out of my work-funk I will take a deeper look at it.

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