Honest Downloading

By | October 22, 2005

Back in the day I was a huge fan of AudioGalaxy. Actually, it was my only source of downloading MP3″s. I used Napster but AudioGalaxy was everything and then some. AudioGalaxy was actually the first place I downloaded U2 bootlegs, and if you check out my trading list (albeit in need of an update) you can see what it ultimately lead to.

What is all this about then? Well, there is a new site called eMusic that looks to pick up where AudioGalaxy has left off. Or you can consider this an alternative to the other pay per song download places such as Pure Tracks or iTunes. You can sign up now and get a free download trial account or you can spend the $10/month for 40 song downloads’which works out to 25/song. The downloads are high-quality unrestricted VBR MP3, which is a leg up over the CBR quality you may get from other sites.

This site organized by the wizards at All Music.com so they know a thing or two about music. And you can jump from one artist to another via genre and style tags, or go off of user reviews and locate music that would fit your style. So while you are enjoying your free stream on Pandora you can buy that song you just heard.

In other news, I checked my “Most Played” songs on my iPod and guess what topped them all with nine listens’? Give up or just as ashamed at knowing the answer as I? Yes, that’s what I thought too. Well, you guessed it, What Are You Waiting For by Ms. Stefani was most played in the last week. My teeth are rotting with such sweet goodness and I’m loving it. I guess it’s a good thing I now have a new Sonicare Elite 7800 toothbrush then, so my teeth can survive my pop addiction right now. The toothbrush was a gift to Dad as thanks for opening the new dental office in town, you can’t even buy the Elite 7800, it’s only available to dentists so let’s hope it works twice as hard then.

Update: Umm’you better make that ten listens, on my way back from Tim Horton’s I had to listen to it again.

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