Time of Your Life

By | November 1, 2005

Having gone a day without going back to the Starlite Room I have had a chance to reflect on the good times in line and at the show. Chelsey’s verbal fight with someone about line placement, pigeons and their ability to terrorize people, Ladies and Gentlemen comming onstage the first night to the tune of Astro from The White Stripes, Pat joining the L&G’s onstage each night for one song by adding in a cowbell, meeting Stephanie again after our first crossing of paths six years earlier during summer school as well as kick fights and whoopin” corporate ass Chad style!

There are only a few bands I would religiously wait in line for, and over the last eight years there have been some great people I have met. Back in ’99 while waiting for autographs from the MGB Bradly and I met three girls also waiting outside well, I can’t remember where it was, but it was somewhere in West Edmonton Mall. This was early, I think we showed up at 8 AM and autographs began at 1 PM. We had a good chance to know the girls and after we all got passes to the “win-to-get-in” all ages show later on that evening at The Rev we spent the rest of the day with the girls. I can’t recall their names, but I know one had a flight out to somewhere east at 5 AM and this was her sendoff.

Anyway, there was one girl from the three that I continued to run into while out and about. The first time was again in West Ed, but the next time was waiting in line at Bearfest in 2001 and Bradly and I were able to catch up on the last several years. When Matt pulled people on stage to enjoy a drink and play PS2 during Suburbia she was one of the girls to go up; oddly I haven’t seen her at a show since.

While I can’t remember what Matt said during the ’99 Rev show I can remember the three girls and riding around in my Jeep late at night attempting to get back to the west end. The events of a concert may get blurry but those you wait in line with really make the times count. So, a round of sky kicks and see you all at the next show.

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