Portable and Streaming Music

By | October 15, 2005

About six weeks back I listened to my co-workers Dell DJ and was blown away. How could I live so long without a portable MP3 player? I owned a MiniDisc, but the software was difficult to navigate and the creation of MD’s was time consuming. I didn’t think a portable MP3 player would fit my life but the last six weeks have been full of sunshine and sausages.

The story of my iPod was a long and difficult one. I bought a 6GB iPod Mini on a Sunday, and then the following Wednesday Apple announced the iPod Nano. I was had! I spent so much money on a new player only to find it obsolete. Fortunately Future Shop has a 30-day return policy, and after double checking the policy I placed an order for my Nano online and returned the Mini several days before its arrival. I was only iPod-less for two days but I survived.

The simple joys of listening to music when you fill your vehicle with gas are immeasurable.

Enough of portable music, for times you are at home and want some variety I would strongly recommend Pandora. This is a perfect site for those who say “I like artist x, what else would I like?”

You type an artist’s name or a song name, and it will find songs by different bands that are in the same style of whatever you typed in. It’s free for 10 hours, then you have to subscribe. My exposure to it started off with Pearl Jam and the next five hours of music was great.

And just because I had the same song repeating in my head before I went to sleep here is a picture of the magician that has me under a spell. I have to admit, there are some songs I enjoy on there a little too much. When I enter my own personal purgatory for listening to pop music I am sure I will still have the same song repeating in my head.

Stefani sings me to sleep

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