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Living in the Fridge

This past week something magical happened in Millet. Anyone who has seen our garage knows that my Dad never throws anything out. There are walls in there I haven’t seen since I was a youngin’, and every few years another foot of junk grows and decreases our storage space a little bit more. There have been times a wall became visible, but it was quickly occupied by the latest garage sale find or highway pickup.

The house is not as bad, as the policy of “If we can’t see it, it doesn’t exist” comes into play. The four-level split house has a hierarchy of organization. The upper floors are clean but the further you go down, the worse it gets. When something reaches the basement it is destined to be there forever. Today though, an appliance older than me was moved outside.

We have had this fridge in the basement for the last ten years. Dad wasn’t sure where it came from, but it was probably from one of our neighbors. What are we going to do with this old dishwasher? Give it to the Gursky’s, they will take anything! It was a great place to store various items, but has recently become a dying ground. I’m not sure the exact contents of the fridge, but Dad was paying several bucks a month to ensure what was growing in the fridge didn’t multiply under the right temperatures.

I wish I was lying on this next statement, but the last time anything went into or out of the fridge was over a year ago. I made the mistake of opening it up a few times last year and quickly shut the door and stayed clear of the fridge. I didn’t address it’s presence and it didn’t unleash whatever hell kitten was growing in there. This was the agreement.

Dad had the pleasure of cleaning the contents of the fridge on Thursday and I am glad I wasn’t there because no one should share in that experience. With the fridge defrosted and sludge oozing out of the beasts belly we relocated it outside and one step closer to the dump. I have told myself that whatever happened I would make sure I had a spotless garage and a clean house, today I have made a vow to tend to appliances or else they may attack. I will leave you all with a snippet of a fitting Weird Al Yankovic song:

There’s something weird in the fridge today.

I don’t know what it is.
Food I can’t recognize
My roommate won’t throw a thing away.
I guess it’s probably his.
It looks like it’s alive
And living in the fridge

There’s something gross in the fridge today.
It’s green and growing hair.
It’s been there since July
If you can name the object in that baggie over there
Than mister you’re a better man than I

…I wrote five paragraphs about a fridge. This is a friggin’ fridge people and I am writing a novel about it…I hope you are just as disturbed by this as I am.

Honest Downloading

Back in the day I was a huge fan of AudioGalaxy. Actually, it was my only source of downloading MP3″s. I used Napster but AudioGalaxy was everything and then some. AudioGalaxy was actually the first place I downloaded U2 bootlegs, and if you check out my trading list (albeit in need of an update) you can see what it ultimately lead to.

What is all this about then? Well, there is a new site called eMusic that looks to pick up where AudioGalaxy has left off. Or you can consider this an alternative to the other pay per song download places such as Pure Tracks or iTunes. You can sign up now and get a free download trial account or you can spend the $10/month for 40 song downloads’which works out to 25/song. The downloads are high-quality unrestricted VBR MP3, which is a leg up over the CBR quality you may get from other sites.

This site organized by the wizards at All so they know a thing or two about music. And you can jump from one artist to another via genre and style tags, or go off of user reviews and locate music that would fit your style. So while you are enjoying your free stream on Pandora you can buy that song you just heard.

In other news, I checked my “Most Played” songs on my iPod and guess what topped them all with nine listens’? Give up or just as ashamed at knowing the answer as I? Yes, that’s what I thought too. Well, you guessed it, What Are You Waiting For by Ms. Stefani was most played in the last week. My teeth are rotting with such sweet goodness and I’m loving it. I guess it’s a good thing I now have a new Sonicare Elite 7800 toothbrush then, so my teeth can survive my pop addiction right now. The toothbrush was a gift to Dad as thanks for opening the new dental office in town, you can’t even buy the Elite 7800, it’s only available to dentists so let’s hope it works twice as hard then.

Update: Umm’you better make that ten listens, on my way back from Tim Horton’s I had to listen to it again.

Job Marathon – Day Five

Not sure I can consider today a marathon, but it is finally Friday so that has to count for something. I guess I am on day seven of twelve in a row, so halfway there and will have a day off soon enough (my birthday and three concerts). I was able to sleep for, get this, ten hours last night. And I plan on doing the same again tonight when I return from Statusfirm. There was no picture this morning, didn’t think it would be fair since I was able to get sleep and didn’t have to rush out of bed. With the last three pictures all online you can see the progression of joy in my face when the alarm went off.

In other news, I got rid of the Validate XHTML and CSS link under Meta to the right. It may have been an IE issue not displaying them, but I thought it for the best to remove completely. When I did validate both the XHTML and CSS there were a few errors on my list items and centering of graphics, so made the choice easier to clean up that sidebar.

Job Marathon – Day Four

This is the home stretch. I have two full days with Statusfirm, and tonight I can sleep in! Not sure how much sleep I will get as I have to be back here for 8AM again tomorrow, but if I get to bed early enough I should be able to pull 8-9 hours of sleep.

Not really much to report, I have been productive throughout the day but with just over an hour left I’m starting to feel the burn. Being on the west end I’m concerned about the traffic volume, so I may just take 170th street all the way south and see where it takes me. Don’t worry, if I pass Ponoka or Rimby I will turn around.

Thanks to the powers of Google Map and Mapquest I didn’t take 170th Street south, Mapquest said it would be a 66 minute drive whereas doing Whitemud/Hwy2 was only 50. And Mapquest was right, it took me 50 minutes exactly to get home.

Running Total (Four Days):
Sleep: 21 hours
Tim Hortons: 3 coffees, 1 Iced Cap

I took another picture this morning, but won’t have a chance to upload it until later. It’s probably for the best because I wasn’t looking too good.

Good morning!

Job Marathon – Day Three

I am into the final stretch now. Today is my last day at Dell and then I have Thursday and Friday at Statusfirm, and then back at Dell for the weekend. I am leaning towards staying with Statusfirm so at Dell today I will have to do more research and plan my exit. My birthday is coming up next week so might be a good gift to me, right? I will continue to update more throughout the day, as I have fifteen hours left of work.

I have been staying at Jenna’s for this marathon, and while the pillows may not be up to fluffy standards, I would take a cardboard box for a pillow because I’m so tired when I get there. The drive to her place saves me about 45 minutes of driving each day so that is definitely helping me through this.

With three hours left in my day I feel pretty good, almost like I can make it through. My body took a beating on the first day but seems to have adjusted, or am setting myself up for a No Video/No Post error in a few days. Okay, that was a poorly placed computer joke, and tomorrow I may not even find that amusing.

Running Total (Three Days):
Sleep: 15 1/2 hours
Tim Hortons: 3 coffees, 1 Iced Cap

Looking at this picture pains me. No one looks good in the morning, but I think it is summed up nicely in this shot. And this was the better picture of the two I took”

Good morning!